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Surya's upcoming movie with Gautham vasudev menon "Thuppariyum Anandhan" | Surya plays Anandhan(James Bond)

Suriya plays Anandhan, a flirtatious playboy, along with a surprise element

Everytime they have got together, they have created absolute magic! So when a hot and hap pening star like Suriya and a high profile film maker like Gautham Vasudev Menon come together once again, huge expectations and excitement are a given among K'town audiences. Not surprisingly, ever since G a u t h a m announced his new venture Thuppariyum Anandhan with Suriya, excite ment levels have reached a new high. Thrilled at the effusive response to the p r o j e c t ' s l a u n c h , Gautham talks exclusively to DC about all that is lined up and the flirtatious investigator that Suriya is going to play.

 “I have been working on this investigative thriller script for the last four years. In fact, I first narrated the idea only to Suriya.

I even designed a poster with Suriya's face to get an idea of how he would look in the film.
But we could not work together then as he was busy with his other film commitments and in time, I also moved on to mine,“ he says.

 “When we met recently, we discussed the project again and by now the script had also come to a decent shape. I was really excited when Suriya said `go ahead brother' for Thuppariyum Anandhan.

“ Going into the details of the period drama that is being produced by his home banner, Photon Kathaas, the ace director says, “It's a swashbuckling period (1920) script; a lot of pre-production and designing work has already gone into the project, in terms of Suriya's looks and get up. Suriya's look and styling in the film are inspired by the legend MGR who made a fashion statement in the `40s and `50s with his films.“

 And the story? “Well, the story goes like this --Anandhan is hired by the British government to investigate a controversial case.“

 The best part is that Gautham could convince Suriya to play the intriguing protagonist in the movie. Yes, Suriya plays Anandhan, a flirtatious playboy -along with a surprise element, says Gautham.

 The hot star is probably going to be seen for the first time in a lovable role of this kind with slightly grey shades to it! “If this Thuppariyum Anandhan succeeds, I am planning to make a franchise of TA with Suriya,“ he signs off.
For more information visit facebook page-->THUPPARIYUM ANANDHAN
source:Deccan Chronicle
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